NFL Benefits

Eligible retired players receive support throughout their lives from a range of resources tailored to promote their long-term well-being. These include:

  • The NFL provides as much as $5,250 per player to cover health care items or services directly related to knee, hip or shoulder replacement surgery. In addition, the NFL Player Care Foundation provides grants to assist eligible players in need up to and including the cost of the replacement surgery.

  • The benefit is a Discount Drug Card which provides immediate discounts for prescription drugs at more than 57,000 retail pharmacies nationwide, including all major chains.

  • Each eligible former player has term life insurance until he turns 55 in an amount of $20,000 plus $2,000 for each credited season in the league up to a maximum of $50,000.

  • Any former player is eligible for the Assisted Living Benefit which provides special discounts and preferred access in more than 500 communities around the country. There is particular care for those individuals with Alzheimer’s and other memory impairment diseases.

  • The NFL has contracted with insurers to make available a range of supplemental Medicare insurance plans to eligible former players ages 65 and older.

  • All former players are eligible. The NFL has arrangements with top tier medical centers that have particular expertise to provide access, evaluation and possible treatment by top orthopedic surgeons across the country.

  • The NFL has contracted with top medical centers around the country that have special expertise to provide access, evaluation and possible treatment for all eligible retired players.

  • The 88 Plan provides benefits to eligible players with dementia, ALS and Parkinson’s disease. These benefits are the reimbursement or payments of medical or custodial expenses up to $130,000 related to these diseases.

  • This plan provides a vested player with pension benefits and offers survivor protections for his spouse and family. A player is vested after only three-to-four credited seasons depending on when he was in the league. Normal retirement age to begin receiving pension payments is 55.

  • Players 50 or older are eligible to receive long-term care coverage at no cost to them if they meet the underwriting requirements of the insurance provider and are approved. This coverage provides financial support for eligible players if they require long-term medical assistance at home, in the community, in assisted living or in nursing homes.

  • This 24/7 service is a free, independent and confidential phone consultation hotline available to former players, their wives and other family members who may need assistance with matters such as spousal and child safety, mental and physical health, lifestyle and transition in post-NFL life. Contact: 800-506-0078.

  • Under the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement, the NFL and NFLPA invested $620,000,000 to increase retirement benefits for players who were in the NFL prior to 1993. These players receive an additional monthly payment along with their pension as part of that agreement.

  • The Retirement Plan pays survivor benefits to widows and other beneficiaries of vested deceased players. Survivors begin receiving benefits on the first month after a player’s death.

  • The Annuity Plan which is funded by the clubs provides deferred compensation for eligible recently retired players at no cost to the players.

  • The Capital Accumulation Plan allows eligible recently retired players to allocate a club-funded account into a number of investment funds.

  • The NFL Player Disability Plan provides three kinds of disability benefits: Total & Permanent Disability benefits, Line of Duty Disability benefits and Neurocognitive Disability benefits. A nationwide panel of expert physicians have been retained and are instructed to examine applicant players fully and fairly. The Plan’s Medical Director, who is a physician, also has been hired with the authority and responsibility to oversee the panel of doctors as well as act as a voting member of the Disability Initial Claims Committee.

  • This benefit makes monthly payments to eligible players who have a mild or moderate neurocognitive impairment, as well as provides reimbursement toward the cost of medical expenses associated with that impairment. Players receive examinations from board-certified neurologists and neuropsychologists at top medical facilities.

  • This Employee Assistance benefit is provided for both eligible retired and active players plus their families. It provides individuals as many as eight free counseling sessions a year for matters ranging from family/marital concerns to depression.

  • The Health Reimbursement Account plan was created to help eligible recently retired players and their families pay out-of-pocket health care expenses during a period of their post-NFL years. This account is funded by the Clubs up to $350,000 per player.

  • The Tuition Plan encourages eligible recently retired players to continue their education for undergraduate and/or graduate degrees. Business management programs may also be eligible for reimbursement.

  • NFL clubs provide funding to supplement dollars contributed by active players for their use in retirement. Another provision of the Plan requires clubs to provide funds even to those active players who do not wish to contribute dollars of their own.

  • This program provides that eligible recently retired players who have as few as two years in the league will receive a lump-sum check approximately one year after their final NFL season.

  • The plan calls for health insurance to be made available free of charge to eligible recently retired players who have played in the league more than three seasons. These players receive five years of free health coverage for themselves and their families after they leave the league. The players then have the option to continue to pay for coverage for an unlimited number of succeeding years.

NFL Legends Community

The NFL launched the NFL Legends Community to celebrate, educate, embrace and connect former players (NFL Legends) with each other, their former teams and the league.

NFL Player Engagement

The mission of NFL Player Engagement is to serve, educate and assist current and former players and their families to achieve a successful, well-balanced and healthy life during and after their playing experience.

Total Wellness

Through Player Engagement, the entire NFL family has access to NFL Total Wellness, which focuses on four main areas: physical, emotional, personal and financial strength.

The Bridge to Success

The NFL Bridge to Success is designed to empower and equip eligible former players and their significant other through the transition from the NFL mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and equip them for the next season of life.

Continuing Education Program (CEP)

The NFL Continuing Education Program (CEP) assists eligible current and former players who need to complete their undergraduate degree, pursue graduate studies or utilize other educational opportunities to prepare for life after the NFL.

NFL Player Care Foundation

Established in 2007, the NFL Player Care Foundation is an independent organization dedicated to helping retired players improve their quality of life.


The Trust, powered by the NFL Players Association, is designed to provide an ecosystem of support for former players, with an emphasis on overall health and successful transition from professional football.

The National Football League Alumni Association

The National Football League Alumni Association is an independent non-profit organization comprising mainly retired National Football League players, coaches, professionals and Association members.

Overview of NFL Player Benefits

If you are an active or former player interested in exploring the benefits available to you, please visit: NFL Player Benefits. The NFL’s commitment to players’ long-term health and well-being extends on and off of the field, for every player, through all stages of their career. In service of that goal, active and former players … Continued