NFL Way to Play

NFL Way to Play promotes proper playing technique across all levels of football. The educational initiative is designed to demonstrate proper technique, explain fundamental concepts and share best practices in an effort to better protect players from unnecessary risk. “NFL Way to Play is about recognizing good play each week: Knees bent. Pads down. Head up,” … Continued

The NFL Foundation

The mission of the NFL Foundation, the League’s nonprofit organization representing the 32 clubs, is: “to support the health, safety and wellness of athletes, youth football and the communities that support our game.”

CDC Parents’ Guide to Concussions

CDC has compiled an array of concussion information fact sheets. There is also information on the website about CDC’s HEADS UP Concussion and Helmet Safety mobile app.

NFHS Concussion Course

The National Federation of State High School Associations offers a free, online course on concussions. “This course highlights the impact of sports-related concussion on athletes, teaches how to recognize a suspected concussion, and provides protocols to manage a suspected concussion with steps to help players return to play safely after a concussion.”  

The American Academy of Pediatrics on Tackling in Youth Football

In 2015, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a policy statement about football after its national conference. It focused on seven recommendations: Officials and coaches must ensure proper enforcement of the rules of the game. A significant number of concussions and catastrophic injuries occur because of improper and illegal contact, such as spear tackling. There is a … Continued

The Korey Stringer Institute

The mission of the Korey Stringer Institute is to provide research, education, advocacy and consultation to maximize performance, optimize safety and prevent sudden death for the athlete, soldier and laborer. KSI serves the needs of active individuals and athletes at all levels –– youth, high school, college, professional, people who are physically active, recreational athletes –– and those who … Continued

USA Football’s Heads Up Football Program

In April 2013, USA Football launched the “Heads Up Football” (HUF) program. This educational outreach program, supported by a $45 million grant from the NFL Foundation, strives to improve player safety for youth and high school players by training and certifying coaches on safety fundamentals; teaching proper tackling techniques; appointing Player Safety Coaches for every … Continued

Pop Warner Health and Safety Resources

The mission of Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. (PWLS) is: “to enable young people to benefit from participation in team sports and activities in a safe and structured environment. Through this active participation, Pop Warner programs teach fundamental values, skills and knowledge that young people will use throughout their lives.” Pop Warner’s website offers a … Continued

NFL Foundation Athletic Trainer Grant Program

The NFL Foundation, in collaboration with Gatorade, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) and the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS), launched a pilot program to provide funding to public high schools with football programs that have limited or no access to an athletic trainer. This program is an expansion … Continued