Infection Control Education for Major Sports (ICS) Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

The NFL continues to closely monitor coronavirus (COVID-19) developments and has been in contact with medical and public health officials, including the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the NFL-NFLPA’s medical experts at Infection Control Education for Major Sports (ICS). The NFL has shared the following ICS newsletter … Continued

NFL/NFLPA Committee on Pain Management: Alternatives to Opioids for Long-Term Pain

The NFL-NFLPA Pain Management Committee (PMC) works to establish uniform standards for club practices and policies regarding pain management and the use of prescription medications by NFL players. As part of that mission, the NFL-NFLPA is working to improve player health through evidence-based treatment of acute and chronic pain. Dr. Kevin Hill and Dr. Geoff Ling, … Continued

NFL Player Engagement

The mission of NFL Player Engagement is to serve, educate and assist current and former players and their families to achieve a successful, well-balanced and healthy life during and after their playing experience.

Total Wellness

Through Player Engagement, the entire NFL family has access to NFL Total Wellness, which focuses on four main areas: physical, emotional, personal and financial strength.

Overview of NFL Player Benefits

If you are an active or former player interested in exploring the benefits available to you, please visit: NFL Player Benefits. The NFL’s commitment to players’ long-term health and well-being extends on and off of the field, for every player, through all stages of their career. In service of that goal, active and former players … Continued

CDC Concussion Poster for NFL Players

This poster on concussion in sports was designed for display in every NFL locker room. It was developed for NFL players and is the result of a joint effort between the NFL, NFL Players Association, CDC, Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society, and the NFL Physicians Society.

Helmet Laboratory Testing Performance Results

The NFL, in collaboration with the NFLPA, through their respective appointed biomechanical experts, coordinated extensive laboratory research to evaluate which helmets best reduce head impact severity.