Dr. Ching is a Research Associate Professor in the Departments of Mechanical Engineering (primary), Bioengineering (adjunct), and Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine (adjunct), at the University of Washington. Dr. Ching’s research interests lie in the biomechanics of the human musculoskeletal system, particularly orthopaedic and injury biomechanics. After spending 10 years on the faculty of the UW Department of Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine (1992-2002), he returned to his engineering roots in 2002 to help start a graduate-level biomechanics program in the UW Department of Mechanical Engineering. He currently serves as Director of the UW Applied Biomechanics Laboratory (ABL).

The Applied Biomechanics Lab (ABL) specializes in the testing and evaluation of a variety of orthopedic medical devices and joint replacement systems for the spine, hip, knee, and extremities. In addition, the ABL conducts research to biomechanically characterize musculoskeletal tissue properties for use in computational models, establishing human tolerance values, and the development of surgically implantable devices. A recent focus of the ABL has been on refining and improving the implementation of surgical navigation systems in the operating room. Finally, Dr. Ching is actively involved in the performance evaluation of helmets and wearable head-impact sensors (dosimetry). He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Snell Memorial Foundation (an international non-profit organization dedicated to research, education, testing and development of helmet safety standards) and the Engineering Subcommittee of the NFL’s Head, Neck, and Spine Committee.