Dr. Robert Vogel is a preventive cardiologist at the University of Colorado Denver, where he is a Clinical Professor of Medicine. He received his B.A. from Columbia University (physics) and M.D. from Yale University. He served on the faculties of the Universities of Colorado, Michigan, and Maryland. Dr. Vogel has investigated heart disease for more than 40 years, pioneering tomographic myocardial perfusion imaging and quantitative coronary arteriography, and discovering the acute vascular effects of food, physical activity, and media. He is the author of two books and more than 250 scientific publications.

He was Director of Cardiology at the University of Maryland for 14 years and served as the President of the Association of University Cardiologists. Dr. Vogel lectures frequently to practicing physicians on lifestyle and heart disease prevention and has received a Good Housekeeping Magazine’s “Best Doctors in America” designation and a Federal Scientist of the Year Award. Dr. Vogel serves as a consultant to the Pritikin Longevity Institute and previously was Co-Chair of the National Football League Subcommittee on Cardiovascular Disease. Currently, he serves as President of the Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Association.