The NFL General Medical Committee is composed of independent and NFL-affiliated medical professionals and focuses on medical issues relevant to the health and safety of active NFL players.


  • Advise the NFL on medical policies, procedures and protocols
  • Determine and advise the NFL on medical best practices
  • Identify and recommend medical research that impacts the health and safety of active
    NFL players
  • Oversee research when requested by the NFL

Areas of Focus

Behavioral Health

Cardiomyopathy, valvular cardiac diseases and arrhythmias that are relevant to professional football players

Hypertension and pre-hypertension

Sleep disordered breathing


Heat injury—evaluation, treatment and prevention of heat stroke

Cold injury

Infectious Disease

Infections—treatment and prevention

Pain Management


The committee responds to medical topics as needed


  • Dr. Andrew Tucker (Chairman)
  • Dr. Deverick Anderson (Infectious Disease)
  • Rick Burkholder (President, Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society)
  • Dr. Doug Casa (Environmental Medicine)
  • Dr. Rob Heyer (President, NFL Physicians Society)
  • Dwight Hollier (Mental Health)
  • Dr. Patrick Strollo (Sleep Medicine)
  • Dr. Robert Vogel (Cardiovascular)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Nabel (Ex-Officio)
  • Dr. Thom Mayer (NFL Players Association)