The Health and Safety Committee is composed of the chairmen from each of the other NFL medical committees as well as the heads of the NFL Physicians Society (NFLPS) and the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS). It is designed to encourage representatives from every discipline to collaborate regularly, share experiences and jointly prioritize research projects to make the game safer.


  • Dr. Elliott Hershman (Chairman)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Nabel (NFL Chief Health and Medical Advisor) (Ex-Officio)
  • Drs. Hunt Batjer and Rich Ellenbogen (Head, Neck and Spine Committee)
  • Dr. Andrew Tucker (General Medical Committee)
  • Drs. Robert Anderson and Ed Wojtys (Musculoskeletal Committee)
  • Dr. John York (Owners’ Health and Safety Advisory Committee)
  • Dr. Rob Heyer (NFLPS President)
  • Rick Burkholder (PFATS President)
  • Dr. Thom Mayer (NFL Players Association)

League Consultants

  • Drs. Jeff Crandall and Rich Kent (Engineering Consultants)
  • Drs. Nancy Dreyer and Christina Mack (Epidemiologists from Quintiles)
  • Drs. Lawrence Brown and John Lombardo (Drug Policy Advisors)