The NFL Musculoskeletal Committee is composed of independent and NFL-affiliated medical professionals and focuses on musculoskeletal issues relevant to the health and safety of active NFL players.


  • Advise the NFL on medical policies, procedures and protocols
  • Determine and advise the NFL on best practices
  • Identify and recommend medical research that impacts the health and safety of active
    NFL players
  • Oversee research when requested by the NFL
  • Create and supervise focused research groups with specific goals and assignments

Areas of Focus 

Musculoskeletal trauma including fractures, muscle strains and ligament sprains

Foot and Ankle

High ankle sprains, ankle fractures

Midfoot, tarsometatarsal injuries

Forefoot trauma

Musculotendinous injuries

Lower Extremity Trauma

Hip, thigh, knee and leg injuries

Upper Extremity Trauma

Shoulder girdle, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist and hand

Trunk, chest and pelvis


  • Drs. Robert Anderson and Ed Wojtys (Co-Chairmen)
  • Dr. Asheesh Bedi (Hip)
  • Dr. Robert Brophy (Knee)
  • Rick Burkholder (President, Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society)
  • Dr. Mike Coughlin (Foot and Ankle)
  • Dr. Rob Heyer (President, NFL Physicians Society)
  • Dr. Thomas Hunt (Hand and Wrist)
  • Dr. William Levine (Shoulder)
  • Joe Skiba (Equipment Manager)
  • Dr. Kurt Spindler (Research Methodology)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Nabel (Ex-officio)
  • Dr. Thom Mayer (NFL Players Association)